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Archive for Month: December 2015

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Noise Task Force

Noise Task Force Holds Meetings Pile Driving Under Discussion Reported by Stan Penkin Following up the Portland City Council adoption of changes to the pile driving noise ordinance, Commissioner Amanda Fritz created a noise task force to review additional revisions. Under discussion are: a city wide prohibition of impact hammer pile driving; the variance, appeal and notification process; and zoning designations wherein ”EX” industrial zones could be changed to commercial. A change to commercial zoning in neighborhoods that have become primarily residential, such as the Pearl District, would reduce allowable decibel levels. This would permit the City’s Noise Control Officer […]

Gas Tax

Momentum builds for Portland gas tax to fund street repair and traffic safety For almost thirty years, Portland’s streets have been deteriorating due to inadequate transportation funding. Every year, the problem gets worse because the longer you wait to repair a street, the more expensive it is to fix. Meanwhile, there are parts of the city where, because of dangerous intersections or gaps in sidewalks along busy streets, it is unsafe for children to walk to school and for seniors to walk to bus stops. Over the past month, however, momentum has been building for a new funding source for […]