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Grants In Action

Projects featured here were funded by Neighborhood Small Grants and/or NW Neighborhood Parks & Recreation Funds administered by Neighbors West-Northwest


Medicine Bear performing July 15, 2012 in Director Park, Downtown Portland.

A collaboration with the Obo Addy Legacy Project (Ghanaian drum & dance ensemble), Medicine Bear (Native American Drum & Dance Ensemble), Mexica Tiahui (Aztec Drum & Dance Ensemble), Portland Taiko (Asian-American Drum Ensemble) & Muralist Rodolfo Serna, People of the Drum celebrated the voice of the drum as part of many cultures and traditions.


Oregon Nikkei’s Day of Remembrance 2011

In January 2011, hundreds of people attended Day of Remembrance, an event organized by the Oregon Nikkei Endowment and Japanese American Citizens League to commemorate the Executive Order that interned Japanese Americans during WWII. Sponsored in part by the Neighborhood Small Grant Program, the theme of this civil liberties event focused on the similarities of the GLBT community and Japanese American community. Famed actor George Takei was one of the key panelists on this topic. He was incarcerated with his family in the Rowher internment camp from the age of 5 and is also a gay man, married to his longtime partner. To hear excerpts of the event, visit the KBOO archives.


Tulen Center and P:ear

Katherine White talks about teaching self-defense and non-aggression techniques to homeless youth.

Mari Watanabe tells how the Oregon Nikkei Street Party helped introduce neighbors to the organization.

Northwest Portland Ministries Community Garden Project

Pearl District Graffiti Busters Project