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BEECN Training

After a large earthquake, you could be without phone service for days or weeks. If you’re injured or need supplies, where will you go? Within two days of a quake, Portland intends to activate BEECNs (short for Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Nodes) at 48 locations around the city. Each BEECN is a place to get information and communicate with public safety responders to get emergency help. A BEECN includes a red tent, a radio, and first aid supplies staffed by volunteers. Check out this short video to see what a BEECN looks like.

For the BEECNs to work, we need your help! The Portland Bureau of Emergency Management is looking for volunteers to staff these sites after an earthquake. We’re offering a free training to recruit volunteers and answer questions about the program:

August 4th
7:00 – 8:15 pm
Sunnyside Adventist Church, 10501 SE Market St. (Hazelwood Neighborhood), Portland 97216

Visit us online to register. If you’re 14 or older and live or work in Portland, you’re potentially eligible to volunteer.

Can’t attend this event? No problem at all! We still want your help. We can bring volunteer trainings directly to you if you can help organize a small group (preferably eight people or more). Contact Ernest Jones to learn more.