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Foot Patrol Workshop: Creating Good Energy

Friends of the Pearl

Foot Patrol Workshop: Creating Good Energy

by Stan Penkin

Pearl District Foot Patrollers turned out on a recent Saturday morning for the first of several planned workshops to better prepare them for situations that might be encountered on the street.

Brad Taylor, a Mental Health Specialist from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, engaged the group on ways to recognize, respond and report persons experiencing mental health illness and related issues. Mr. Taylor stressed the importance of building positive energy should an encounter occur, rather than escalating negativity. He portrayed a number of potential situations and demonstrated how they can be dealt with in a non-confrontational manner.

Members of the Foot Patrol were appreciative of the session and left with a better understanding of their role on the street which
is to be ambassadors, create good energy and build community.

For further information about Foot Patrol please contact Michael.