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Noise Review Considers Pile Driving

Pile Driving Update: Noise Review Board Considers Action

by Stan Penkin

As the impact hammer pile driver reverberates throughout the North Pearl at Hoyt Street’s Block 20 project, the Noise Review Board (NRB) met on November 9th to discuss a proposal that would reduce the harmful effects of this antiquated method.

With some 25 to 30 Pearl residents present to offer testimony and support, the board discussed its proposal to delete the exemption of impact hammer pile driving from the current construction noise ordinance and to provide that the use of this method come before the NRB for variance approval. This revision to the ordinance would require that pile driving not exceed 85 decibels, the same requirement as other construction activities. Impact hammer pile driving has been recorded as high as 110 decibels, a level that is harmful to hearing. Faced with that requirement, developers would have to consider quieter methods of pile driving such as the auger cast or to provide noise mitigation.

There was overwhelming support at the meeting for the NRB  to move this forward to City council where three votes will be required to revise the ordinance. The NRB will now develop the language of the proposal which is anticipated to be presented to City Council early next year.

While the many opponents of the impact hammer will still have to suffer through the daily disruption of the current activity at Block 20, they are pleased to see progress on this issue that, if passed, will relieve future suffering for others across the city.