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Volunteer Resources

Neighbors West-Northwest has many resources available to help you make an impact on your neighborhood. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please call us or stop by our office for additional options.


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Supplies Check-Out

We have supplies available for check-out to help you host an event or clean-up. Below is a complete list of items, call or stop by our office to check them out.

If you are looking for a “Twin Bucket Kit,” we’ve got that too!


  • Books, manuals, etc.
    Contact staff for specific topics
  • Neighborhood brochures, flyers, postcards

Publicity or Display Aids

  • Neighborhood Banners
  • A-Frame Sign
  • Easels and chartpads

Emergency Preparedness and Clean-up items

  • Emergency Preparedness Resources
  • PHLUSH Twin Bucket Kit
  • Trash Grabbers

Event Set-up

  • Fold-out Tables (Large or small)
  • Pop-Up Tent

Audio/Visual Equipment

  • Large Projector Screen 92” x 69” Wide Screen
  • Portable Projector Screen
  • Speaker and Speaker Stand
  • Microphone
  • Projector

Dishes (All dishes must be returned CLEAN! They are dishwasher safe.)

  • Reusable Plates (400 available )
  • Reusable Cups (400 available)
  • Reusable Forks (400 available)
  • Reusable Spoons (400 available)
  • Reusable Knives (100 available)

Equipment must be used in a responsible manner and every precaution must be taken to prevent damage.

In the event that the equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged, the borrower must immediately notify Neighbors West-Northwest and the borrower will be held responsible for any repair or replacement costs.

Emergency Prep
If you are looking for Emergency Preparedness materials, we have “PREP: Get Prepared with Neighbors” handouts and trainer cd’s available.

These are some examples of a Toolkit you could use to start an Emergency Preparedness group of your own. Be sure to customize them all to fit your group or area.

For online resources see the Emergency Preparedness page.


Check out the Venture Portland guide to getting started with a Social Media campaign. Social Media Guide

This section is under development. Please come back later for more information or call us, 503.823.4288.

We have a wide array of publications and printed materials available. Please call for details on a specific topic of interest.