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Rethink Streets NW 13th

NW 13th Ave Action Plan

Every year, students at Portland State University’s Master of Urban and Regional Planning program work with a community partner in Portland or beyond to produce a plan as a capstone project. Rethink Streets, one such student group this year, will be producing a plan centered on the Pearl District’s NW 13th Avenue for the Pearl District Neighborhood Association.

Rethink Streets will work to understand how NW 13th presently works as a street with a sense of place, and how it can function as something more in the future. This work will involve better understanding what makes the street unique, how it currently functions and whether that function can be improved, how people use the street and whether they feel safe and comfortable. Rethink Streets will produce a phased action plan for the Neighborhood Association in June. The final recommendations will incorporate community input, consider relevant urban case studies, and include ways to make the street easier and more comfortable to navigate.

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