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Transit on Tap: Transit Around the World

TriMets Transit on Tap presents: Transit Around The World with Bob Hastings

Tuesday, May 24 at 6:00 pm
Lucky Labrador Quimby Beer Hall, 1945 NW Quimby St.

About this talk:

Travel around the world with TriMet agency architect Bob Hastings and see what transit and urban design looks like, from Paris to Tokyo. Bob has traveled to 17 cities in 10 countries over the past two years to bring these ideas back to the Portland region. Interestingly, he found along the way that many of these countries get ideas from us, too!

In this talk, Bob will share his observations of other cultures, and how they’re making their cities respond to their needs — and in turn, reflect their unique values.

Bob Hastings, TriMet agency architect

What is Transit on Tap?

Transit on Tap is a fun and informal talk series hosted by a different pub each month. Expert presenters dish on everything transit-related, from service to history to sustainability. This is your chance to join the conversation, ask questions, or just kick back and listen — all while enjoying some world-class beers!

Each event is free to attend (and often includes prizes and giveaways!), but you’ll be responsible for purchasing your food and beverages.