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Transportation System Plan

TSP Stage 2 Recommended Draft now available here

The Planning & Sustainability Commission (PSC) received over 400 public testimonies on the previous draft of the Stage 2 TSP Update and made key changes in the Recommended Draft now before City Council.The City of Portland is updating the Transportation System Plan (TSP): the long-range plan guiding transportation investments in the City.

The TSP is part of the Comprehensive Plan Early Implementation Package. Some elements of the Stage 2 Recommended Draft include:

  • Revised Street Design Classifications to incorporate Corridors and Greenways designated as part of the Comp Plan Urban Design Framework
  • Updated Performance Measures to reflect City Council adopted goals and targets
  • Expanded Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies for new development
  • Incorporating adopted plans for Bicycle Classifications, Area Studies, and Master Street Plans

For more information on TSP Stage 2 Recommended Draft, visit our website

Click here to read more information or to watch the Sept. 20, 2016 City Council briefing

How can I provide feedback to decision-makers?

Provide testimony to City Council by Oct. 13, 2016

Testify in person at the PSC public hearing. You may speak for 2 minutes to the Council, and your testimony will be added to the public record. The TSP Stage 2 Update Public Hearings are scheduled to be held at: City Council Chambers, 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Portland

  • Oct. 6 2:00PM* City Council hearing
  • Oct. 13 2:00PM* City Council hearing

Public may provide in person or written testimony pertaining to any component of the Comprehensive Plan Implementation, including the Stage 2 TSP Update.

  • Oct. 25* (time TBD) City Council Work Session

Staff works with City Council to discuss and address public comments.

*To confirm dates and times, please check the City Council calendar.


You may provide testimony to the Portland City Council through October 13, 2016, in any of the following ways:

Testify in person at the PSC public hearing. You may speak for 2 minutes to the Council, and your testimony will be added to the public record. The TSP Stage 2 Update Public Hearings are scheduled to be held at: City Council Chambers, 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Portland

Testify in writing between now and October 13, 2016. Your full name and mailing address are required.

Email: cputestimony@portlandoregon.gov with subject line “Comprehensive Plan Implementation”

U.S. Mail: Portland City Council, 1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 130, Portland, OR 97204, Attn: Comprehensive Plan Implementation

Through the Map App: www.portlandmaps.com/bps/mapapp, click on Zoning Map Changes and use the comment tab to provide your testimony


Learn about key issues raised on the version heard by the Planning & Sustainability Commission

Click the topics below to download 2-page issue briefs:

What does the TSP Update mean for you?

Portland is projected to add 140,000 new jobs and 260,000 new residents over the next 20 years. If in 2035 the percentage of people who drive alone to work remains the same as it is now (nearly 60 percent), traffic, climate pollution, and household spending on transportation will all worsen significantly. In order to accommodate projected growth, our transportation system must provide Portlanders safer and more convenient ways to walk, bike, and take transit for more trips.

How does the TSP Update work?

Updating the TSP is a big job and one that the City is regularly required to do every few years. Since the City’s Comprehensive Plan is also being updated right now, some components of the TSP need to be updated first before other components can be updated. This is why the TSP is being updated in three stages rather than all at once.
Each stage follows the legislative process: suggested changes go out to the public for feedback in a Discussion Draft. With public feedback incorporated, a Proposed Draft goes to the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) which hears public testimony and makes a recommendation to City Council in a Recommended Draft. The City Council hears public testimony then Adopts the Plan.
The first stage of the TSP Update consisted of policies, programs, a list of citywide transportation projects, and a financial plan -all included as part of the citywide Comprehensive Plan Update. City Council completed their public hearings on it in Jan. 2016 and are scheduled to make decisions for an Adopted Plan in Jun. 2016.
The TSP Update is now in Stage 2, which are initial steps to implementing the Comprehensive Plan, including updating the TSP maps and classifications, measures, and City Codes. The PSC received the Proposed Draft of the Stage 2 TSP Update and heared public testimony about it on Mar. 8, 2016.
Stage 3 has not yet begun, however it will include a repackaging of the TSP to help make the document more user-friendly, a review of geographic-specific objectives, and a closer look at the other TSP sections.

How did public comments on the Discussion Draft impact changes to the Proposed Draft?

The TSP Stage 2 Update Discussion Draft comment period took place from Oct. 2 to Nov. 13, 2015. The high quality feedback received in response to the Discussion Draft was the basis for nearly all of the subsequent changes made to the Proposed Draft. To show the public how their feedback was considered, staff provided written responses to all the public comments received on the Discussion Draft and they can be found on the website.

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