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Walk + Bike Challenge Month

May is Walk + Bike Challenge Month! All around Portland students will walk, bike and roll as often as possible to and from school. You can keep your activities simple, like registering your school, hanging posters and handing out prizes one day. Or take it another step or two and organize Walking School Buses, Bike Trains and/or Park + Walks.If you are new to the Challenge, our Organizer Checklist gives you guidance. We are also here to help out if you need us. If you have organized the Challenge in the past, thanks for registering and let us know how we can support your school.

Scorecards & Tracking: Easy to print scorecards for students to track their trips during Walk + Bike Challenge Month.

Register Your School: Sign up your school for Walk + Bike Challenge Month!

Organizer Checklist: A handy checklist and tips to help get your school’s Walk + Bike Challenge Month rolling!

Posters, Flyers and More: Promotional materials to help get the word out about your school event.

Bike to School Day & Bike Fairy Week: Expect a visit from the SRTS Bike Fairy during Walk + Bike Challenge Month!