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Crime Prevention

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The City of Portland’s Crime Prevention Program, which is housed under the Office of Neighborhood Involvement Bureau, provides services designed to reduce crime, increase livability, and get neighbors involved in community policing efforts. Crime Prevention Coordinators (CPCs) educate the public on crime and public safety, help neighbors problem-solve ongoing criminal and related livability issues and organize community members into Neighborhood Watches, Foot Patrols and other groups that improve and advocate for the safety of their neighborhoods.

Some of the problems that CPCs help address include drug houses, street drug dealing, prostitution, problem parks, problem liquor outlets and neighborhood “hot spots”.

For more information, visit the City of Portland Crime Prevention website, or contact your neighborhood Crime Prevention Coordinator.

Here is a list of phone numbers of Problem Solving Resource NW Portland.


To problem solve issues in your neighborhood 

Crime Prevention Coordinator Jacob Brostoff, 503-823-5852

Downtown, Old Town Chinatown, Pearl, Goose Hollow

 Crime Prevention Coordinator Jenni Pullen, 503-823-4257

Entire west side of Portland EXCEPT for Downtown, Old Town-Chinatown, Goose Hollow, Pearl, and Linnton.

Crime Prevention Coordinator Angie Russo, 503-823-4094


Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Wells, 503-823-2781

Neighborhood Watch and Community Foot Patrols


Portland Crime Prevention Resources


Crime Trend Information

Crime Prevention Events & Trainings

ParkScanPDX.org to report safety concerns or criminal activity in a park