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Ankeny Park Revitalized

Activation Plans for North Park Blocks

by Stan Penkin

Following the disruptive summer of 2015 in the North Park Blocks, the Portland Parks and Recreation Bureau (PPR)  in collaboration with community leaders from PDNA, Friendly Streets and North Park Blocks have been diligently working towards making significant improvements.

Over the last number of months, physical repairs have been made, lighting was improved, plans for a new playground are moving forward and a number of events have helped to activate the park, including First Thursday, ongoing bocce tournaments, fitness activities, movies in the park and other events.

A major initiative to activate Ankeny Park just south of Burnside is coming to fruition in August with the opening  of “Grubbin” which will be a gathering space for food carts and arts activities. A fence has surrounded the site for the past few months as work was being done to clean up the existing buildings and the surrounding landscape. This is an exciting pilot project which drew proposals from fifteen interested vendors with the “Grubbin” proposal selected through a vetting process that included community members.

PPR and community leaders anticipate large community support to help make this a successful venture that will help bring positive energy to the area. More information will be distributed in the coming weeks.