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Connect the Park Blocks

Oregon Walkways on the ‘Green Loop’ August 20 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Park Avenue from NW Hoyt to SW Market The International Open Streets Summit is coming to the Park Blocks! A one-day pedestrian route along Park Ave will allow people to walk between the North and South Park Blocks and be clear of parked cars or vehicle traffic. Increase foot traffic and build community, as envisioned by the Green Loop concept! Contact Volunteer.betterblockpdx@gmail.com to get involved!

Mitigation Action Plan Summer Socials

Mitigation Action Plan (The Map) The MAP is the city’s plan to reduce our risks from hazards like floods, landslides, and earthquakes. It tells us how hazard events might affect our city, and the ways city offices plan to reduce those impacts. We want to talk to you about the plan and hear what you think! Summer Social NW August 16th 6:00 – 8:30 pm Wallace Park This will be a very informal, open-house type event. Activities like a liquefaction shake table, and an erupting papier-mache volcano, as well as maps showing the natural hazard risks in the city will be available. We want […]

Central City 2035 Plan Update

The Portland Planning & Sustainability Commission (PSC) will hear public testimony on the Central City 2035 Proposed Draft July 26 & August 9 What is the Central City 2035 Plan? Central City 2035 will update the plan and policies for downtown and central areas of the City of Portland. It will address challenges and opportunities in the Central City to ensure this unique economic, transportation, cultural and educational hub will be a vibrant resource for all Portlanders over the next 20 years. Review the Proposed Draft The document has been updated from the Discussion Draft. Thank you to everyone who provided […]

Willamette River Festival

Willamette River Festival presented by Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group • St. Johns Main Street Coalition • Cathedral Park Neighborhood Association To celebrate our lower Willamette River and its clean up Sunday, July 31 NOON – 7:00 pm Cathedral Park Waterfront FREE LIVE MUSIC: BLUEGRASS • JAMGRASS • ZYDECO • BANGHRA w/dance lesson Bands: Loggers Daughter, Cascade Crescendo, New Iberians & DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid FOOD & ARTISAN ICE CREAM • BEER GARDEN • ENVIRONMENTAL FAIR • CHILD DANCE TROUPES • LIVE BIRDS FROM AUDUBON • LIVE FISH DISPLAY • WALKING TOURS & MORE The Portland Harbor Community Advisory’s mission for the event […]

BEECN Training

After a large earthquake, you could be without phone service for days or weeks. If you’re injured or need supplies, where will you go? Within two days of a quake, Portland intends to activate BEECNs (short for Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Nodes) at 48 locations around the city. Each BEECN is a place to get information and communicate with public safety responders to get emergency help. A BEECN includes a red tent, a radio, and first aid supplies staffed by volunteers. Check out this short video to see what a BEECN looks like. For the BEECNs to work, we need […]

Halprin 50th Anniversary Kick-Off Event

SoMa EcoDistrict’s Halprin 50th Anniversary Kick-Off Event at Lovejoy Fountain Submitted by Grant Higginson A NWNW Small Grant allowed SoMa Ecodistrict to hold a community event on June 9th to engage neighborhood residents, employees, students, and visitors, and to raise awareness for the SoMa EcoDistrict and the Halprin Landscape Conservancy. Another objective was to strengthen ties between district stakeholders that in addition to SoMa and Halprin, included: Portland Downtown Neighborhood Association (PDNA); SAGE (South Auditorium Greenway Environs); PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions; 200 Market Building; and many other property owners and businesses – all of these groups contributing social capital […]

Cleaner Air Oregon Webinar

On Tuesday, June 28, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., Cleaner Air Oregon will hold an interactive webinar to discuss Washington and California’s industrial air toxics programs. The webinar invites the people of Oregon to learn about current industrial air toxics regulations in those states and how human health risk assessments in those states can inform a new regulatory approach in Oregon. All members of the community are invited and encouraged to join this conversation, ask questions and provide input about Cleaner Air Oregon, the new program to reform industrial air toxics regulations.   How to Participate The webinar will be held […]

Civics for Adults Workshop Series

Civics for Adults Workshop Series: To Enhance Civic Knowledge and Inspire Political Engagement Misinformation and Political Propaganda We are overwhelmed with messages from politicians, news sources and other media. Establish truth from fiction using critical thinking strategies, and learn where to find accurate information. This workshop uses real-life examples to show how information can be, intentionally or not, distorted. Logical fallacies, political ads, news headlines, graphs and charts, the effect of language chosen to express ideas and other types of information are examined in a “what do you see here? / what is missing?” type of format. The last part […]